Jan 07

Jonah , Being compassionate as God is Compassionate

Outline for Jonah

  1. God reaches out and reveals his will to an underserving nation 1:1
  2. Jonah refuses to go and reveal Gods will to an undeserved nation 1:2-2:1
  3. God has compassion on a rebellious Jonah 2:2-3:1
  4. Jonah reluctantly goes and preaches to Nineveh 3:1-3:5
  5. Nineveh repents and turns to God 3:6-3:10
  6. God relents from his anger 3:10
  7. Jonah turns to his anger 4:1-3
  8. God rebukes Jonah and reminds him  that Gods compassion and care does not begin  and end with Israel 4:4-10

Ref: Luke 4:20-30, Exd 19:1-6, Gen 22:15

Power Point: Gods compassion and mercy is far reaching, and unbiased.  There forth his people should embody the same compassion and concern for others.

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