Jan 07

2 Peter 1:5-10 How Do I If I Am a Healthy Christian?

2Peter 1:3-9


In Christianity, God gives us a standard by which we can constantly measure our spiritual health(soundness), which ultimately leads to growth. All healthy things grow, when growth ceases death follows. The true test of our growth is not merely attendance, involvement in multiple activities, good deeds, or how many scriptures we can quote. It is when we are developing and increasing in the areas, that Peter lists.

Out Line 2Peter 1:3-10

I. What God has Done for us v3-4

II. What God expects from us V5

III. The character traits we are  to develop v5-7

IV. The benefits developing these character traits v8;10


V. The consequences of not  developing these character traits  v9



  • Virtue:  moral excellence . The attitude and behavior of going above and beyond.
  • Knowledge: an intellectual understanding of something. The ability to grasp ideas or concepts.
  •  Temperance: self-control. The ability to exercise self-discipline.
  •  Patience (Perseverance NKJV): patience. Endurance under difficult circumstances.
  • Godliness: beliefs and practices devoted towards God. Everyday conduct that honors God
  • Brotherly kindness: affectionate, kindness shown to fellow believers.
  • Charity (Love NKJV): concern and regard for others.  Seeking the best for others.




  1. What areas of your life need improvement?


  1. What are some actions attitudes or behaviors that you can apply to your life that that will help you to grow in these areas?

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