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How Justice and Vengeance relates to the Christian

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How does a Christian respond to vengeance and Justice?

Micah 3:6 Gods covenant people are to do justice.

Justice : defined as the standard by which rewards and punishments, benefits and penalties are issued.

Vengeance: repaying wrongdoing, penalizing violations, holding people accountable for breaking the law.

  • Romans 11: 24 severity and goodness of God we learned that they both perfectly co exist with
  • God is a righteous Judge who upholds justice, issues out consequences and repercussions Nahum 1:1-7
  • Rom 12:17-20 vengeance is Gods, how does he mete it out? Does he ever use  humans instrument of justice?


  • There are places   in which it is not only proper but Gods demands that his people uphold justice, and exact vengeance

I. In the home :

  • Eph 6:1-3 Father are to disciple(nuture) children.
  • Prov 13:24 discipline includes punishment for wrongdoing
  • Prove 23:13 punishment should be used
  • Heb 12:4-11 God is the merciful father who chastises his children in love.

II. Government

Romans 13 the government has given the right to  force to uphold law and order.


III. Economy :

  • 2thess 3:6-11 the lazy sluggard does not deserve to be rewarded
  • Lev 19:13-14 reward work and care for the powerless
  • James 5:4
  • Deut 24:15

IV. Church:

Matthew 18:15-20 issues and sins should be addressed confronted and held accountable.

  • 2thess 3:6,14
  • Titus 3:10
  • 1Cor 5


Justice and vengeance is precursor to mercy and grace, It is an essential part of the Gospel and the character of God.



REV 6:9


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