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Jan 05

Thou Shalt not Kill. Except

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  In the last article we looked at the  difference between murdering and killing and what does this mean to a christian. We will now dig a little   deeper into the question “ is it ever acceptable to take a life” or to use deadly force in the case of self defense.   . According …

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Sep 30

How to Study the Bible

Here is a simple method that can be practiced on a regular basis to help you grasp the Bible better.   The simple method     I.                   Observation: this describes the process of gathering facts or details of a passage.   A. This includes things such as:   ·         What  type of writing is it? …

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May 08

What is the Main goal of the Christianity?


The Bible is filled with many different teachings on  sub topics such as marriage, family, work, and etc. It also has a lot to say about major ideas such as: sin, redemption, covenant, and forgiveness. However, the Bible was never intended to be a book of loosely related codes of ethics, or a simple  self …

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