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Jun 30

Bridging the Gap: Insight into Effective Leadership #3

Child Holding Trophy

Leadership insight #3 : We must expect nothing less than the best. As we continue to glean insights from the  book of Exodus , one thing that I noticed in the  text was that Moses was willing to express God’s expectation for excellence. During the building of the tabernacle  the Israelites are stranded in the middle of …

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Jan 29

Bridging the Gap: Insight into Effective Leadership.


While doing the work of ministry I have always wondered how do we as leaders effectively lead people from where they are to where they need to be. There are many different excuses and reasons why we cant bridge the gap, and get more out of people. This Blog is going to be a series of …

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Apr 05

When Leaders Fail, so Goes the Troops.


If people would automatically do  the things that they need to do, then there would be no need for  leadership. The very fact that leadership exist implies that this is true. But what happens  when leadership misses the big picture, and departs from their original purpose. A negative impact is felt throughout the entire organization. …

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