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Jan 05

Thou Shalt not Kill. Except

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  In the last article we looked at the  difference between murdering and killing and what does this mean to a christian. We will now dig a little   deeper into the question “ is it ever acceptable to take a life” or to use deadly force in the case of self defense.   . According …

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Jan 02

Thou Shalt Not Kill ?

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If I was to ask  you the question: should we as  Christians support or participate in the use of deadly force; What would your  response be? A common topic of discussion that I have been apart of has been killing and the taking of life. What should our perspective be on  such topics? Does it make …

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Feb 20

Learning to say No to the Important Things

Someone once said that if everything is urgent then nothing is important. As Christians, there are many duties jockeying for our time; while pulling us in every direction. Everyone has an urgent matter that has to be addressed, many of which are legitimate concerns. Acts6 Now in these days when the disciples were increasing in …

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