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How to Study the Bible

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Here is a simple method that can be practiced on a regular basis to help you grasp the Bible better.


The simple method



I.                   Observation: this describes the process of gathering facts or details of a passage.


A. This includes things such as:


·         What  type of writing is it?


·         Take notes on the  Grammar and sentence structure of the passage.


·         Learn about the  culture and historical background.


·         Who is speaking, and  to whom etc.


·         What was the purpose for this writing ?


·         Take note of any Strange words, or repeated  words.


·         Figure out where your passage begins and ends ( i.e. Is this part of a larger conversation ) . remember the Bible was not written originally in chapters and verses


·         The 6 journalistic questions Who, what where when how why?






II.   Interpretation. This is the explanation of the meaning of the text i.e what is he trying to say. 


  • We are attempting to determine the original meaning as intended by the author (Not what I feel, What I think, or what is it saying to me).
  • We are seeking to find what God intended to communicate through the human author.
  • Although application can change over time the meaning never changes.
  • Interpretation always flows from observation.



Bible examples of interpretation: Luke 24:27, Acts 8:30-31, Neh 8:7-12




VII. . Application


§  How can the principle or concepts that I learned in this passage help me be a better  Christian? What does this passage  reveal about God?


§   Col 1:9-11 The whole purpose of knowledge is so that we can put it into practice.




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