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Thou Shalt not Kill. Except

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In the laimages (37)st article we looked
at the  difference between murdering and killing and what does this mean to a christian. We will now dig a little   deeper into the question “ is it ever acceptable to take a life” or to use deadly force in the case of self defense.


. According to God’s view taking a life  in an attempt to save the life of an innocent person is not the same as  murder:

In Gen Abraham used deadly force (i.e. violence ) in order to protect and rescue his nephew Lot.

When Abram heard that his relative had been taken captive, he called out the 318 trained men born in his household and went in pursuit as far as Dan. During the night Abram divided his men to attack them and he routed them, pursuing them as far as Hobah, north of Damascus. He recovered all the goods and brought back his relative Lot and his possessions, together with the women and the other people.

The Psalmist viewss self defense as more than just acceptable, he views it as the responsibility of the godly. “82:4 Rescue the weak and needy; Deliver them out of the hand of the wicked.

killing becomes murder when it is unlawful, and premeditated. You are allowed to use whatever force necessary to protect your own life from a dangerous threat, or to save the life of an innocent from the same. What makes  use of deadly force lawful or not , depends on motive, intent and justification.

The Author of this excerpt looks at the book of Nehemiah as another case  example where the people of God armed themselves with the intent of using deadly force to protect themselves 


          “In Nehemiah 4, The Israelites have been sent back from captivity to rebuild Jerusalem. This was not a                          wartime scenario. It was closer     to a racial integration scenario where racists wanted to kill them. They are            surrounded by people who hate them and want to kill them. these were citizens, not soldiers. Nehemiah 4:13            says that people stationed “people by families” around the city.  Note that these families were armed, with                “their swords, their spears, and their bows.” This is a situation where they are willing to apply lethal force to         defend themselves. Note that they are carrying these weapons for personal dense and civil defense. They are         defending their lives and their homes. Nehemiah 4:14 specifically says, “...fight for your brothers, your sons,          your daughters, your wives, and your houses.” http://www.biblicalselfdefense.com/


Someone once said  ‘great power comes with great responsibility’. As children of God we must always be sacrificial and selfless. In doing so we may find our selves having to stand up and be the voice for the voiceless. We may have to stand up for the weak and oppressed, If we see others being bullied step in and intervene. However in doing so we may find ourselves have to use force to stop, protect and defend the defenseless. But  then again isn’t that what the Lord almighty does for us. He stands out in front, protects and fights for us. He conquered sin and death, and rescued us when we were weak and powerless.  Mighty is his arm that saves. And we are his body.

-if they would have understood what these words meant-

Dewayne Clardy



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Jan 02

Thou Shalt Not Kill ?

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If I was to ask  you the question: should we as  Christians support or participate in the use of deadly force; What would your  response be?

images (4)

A common topic of discussion that I have been apart of has been killing and the taking of life. What should our perspective be on  such topics? Does it make me hypocritical to support the right to bear arms, self-defense and capital punishment; all while believing that God does not want us to murder. Often times this topic spins off into to sub conversations about abortion, capital punishment, gun laws, and etc.


Ex20:13 you shall not commit murder

Deut 20 But if it makes no peace with you, but makes war against you, then you shall besiege it. And when the LORD your God gives it into your hand, you shall put all its males to the sword

Rom 13 for he is God’s servant for your good. But if you do wrong, be afraid, for he does not bear the sword in vain. For he is the servant of God, an avenger who carries out God’s wrath on the wrongdoer.


In this first article we are going to look at the difference between  murdering  and killing.  In Exodus 20 The word translated as kill literally means to dash into pieces, and is much like our English word kill.   It  covers a  broad range  from accident deaths, self defense, capital punishment, wartime duties. Only the context determines which is God is talking about. However I believe that in this context  Murder is a more accurate translation.In our English langage kill means : to cause the death ,or to end the life of something. However, murder is defined as the crime of unlawfully killing a person especially with malice aforethought.  Look no  further than the book of numbers 35 to see the word kill used in two different instances yet God having different consequences for case.

         Numbers 35:9  And the Lord spoke to Moses, saying, 10 “Speak to the people of Israel and say to                                them, yWhen you cross the Jordan into the land of Canaan, 11 zthen you shall select cities to be cities of                     refuge for you, that the manslayer who kills any person without intent may flee there

          35:20And if he pushed him out of hatred or hurled something at him, flying in wait, so that he died21 or in            enmity struck him down with his hand, so that he died, then he who struck the blow shall be put to death. He            is a murderer. .

In this one passage God is making a distinction between the accidental taking of life and the intentional,   death of another. One  is condemned and punished the other is actually protected from punishment.


God has always view murder as wrong. Murder is  not just a sin against the individual but an act of defiance against the creator himself. When Cain murdered his brother it was because he was angry and out of fellowship with God. God has made man in his own image. Life is a precious gift  and  only God has the right dictate the terms on which to give and take  it away. Jesus takes it a step further and attacks the root of murder which is the malice  and hatred that we sometimes feed in our heart.

Psalms 10 paints a composite sketch of a murderer: “He sits in ambush in the villages; in chiding places he murders the innocent. His eyes  stealthily watch for the helpless”.


Think about this If  we as Christians  view that life is a precious gift from God then we should do what we can to protect and defend it.  If Christ gave his life so that we can  live, then we should   honor and protect the lives of other. For it is the wicked and disobedient who cheapen the value of life and spill innocent  blood effortlessly.

-If they would have understood what these words meant-

Dewayne Clardy

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Sep 30

How to Study the Bible

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Here is a simple method that can be practiced on a regular basis to help you grasp the Bible better.


The simple method



I.                   Observation: this describes the process of gathering facts or details of a passage.


A. This includes things such as:


·         What  type of writing is it?


·         Take notes on the  Grammar and sentence structure of the passage.


·         Learn about the  culture and historical background.


·         Who is speaking, and  to whom etc.


·         What was the purpose for this writing ?


·         Take note of any Strange words, or repeated  words.


·         Figure out where your passage begins and ends ( i.e. Is this part of a larger conversation ) . remember the Bible was not written originally in chapters and verses


·         The 6 journalistic questions Who, what where when how why?






II.   Interpretation. This is the explanation of the meaning of the text i.e what is he trying to say. 


  • We are attempting to determine the original meaning as intended by the author (Not what I feel, What I think, or what is it saying to me).
  • We are seeking to find what God intended to communicate through the human author.
  • Although application can change over time the meaning never changes.
  • Interpretation always flows from observation.



Bible examples of interpretation: Luke 24:27, Acts 8:30-31, Neh 8:7-12




VII. . Application


§  How can the principle or concepts that I learned in this passage help me be a better  Christian? What does this passage  reveal about God?


§   Col 1:9-11 The whole purpose of knowledge is so that we can put it into practice.




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